Young people from Future Inheritors participated in the following awards:

The Goal Plus! Programme

‘Goal Plus!’ is a programme of leadership training for young people between the ages of 9 and 13 that promotes them working with younger children, teaching leadership skills through a range of games and activities. As a result of attending the programme, successful participants are awarded The Young Leader Award, developed by Sports Leaders UK, a nationally recognised accredited body who use sport to help develop key life skills.

The Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership

The Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised award designed by Young Leaders UK and that helps young people over the age of 14 to develop their leadership skills. The syllabus fosters generic skills, which can be applied to a variety of different sporting activities as well as contributing to the participant’s personal and social education, but will have a particular relevance to football. 

As the programmes have been so well received, we have secured funding to buy agility equipment for the centres involved, so the young people can share their new skills with others in their centres.

A big thank you to Sefton Payes Plus Extra for supporting our young people.

Congratulations to the Brunswick on reaching their 60th Anniversary.




Engaging Communities’

We are proud to say that the following young people have successfully passed their BTEC Level 2 in Engaging Communities:

Emily Hamilton, Toni Shaw, Lian Shaw, Hollie Smith, Lawrie McCarthy and Alice Dwyer.

Whilst it was hard work they persevered and achieved the award.

This qualification is accredited with Edexcel, and is owned by SING. If any other Young People interested please contact us on 0151 285 5031.