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You all seem to be enjoying your get together, and we hope that you are all still actively seeking the views of others in your clubs so that they can be discussed. Donít forget that we need these to be regular events, and whilst Summer is approaching we are  looking for the next venue and date so all of you get busy with suggestions.



Young people come together at Trafford Hall


Following the successful application to the Youth Opportunities Fund, your Forum reps attended some communications training at Trafford Hall.

This came from concerns raised by the young people at the Network Forum event regarding their communication skills.

The aim was to develop group and individual skills, to allow them to work well together as a group by making decisions and communicating more effectively by using team building and project planning exercises.

They explored issues such as: How small things make a difference; how they want to be involved and creative ways to do it; building up confidence and skills to meet and work with other young people and adults; how to get ideas across to policy makers and planners; develop an action plan to take back to the neighbourhood.


Thanks to Angela Fell of the Sefton Voices project.