Seaforth Information Network Group (SING) was started by local residents in November 1995. The Group aimed to address a range of issues which were affecting the local community. Meetings held by the Group highlighted local people's concerns about the relative decline in the area, and in Autumn 1996 a survey was carried out by SING members in order to assess the priorities of local residents. The findings of this survey were presented to Bootle Maritime City Challenge, which provided funding for a firm of independent consultants (Priority Focus) to undertake further research in the area. This research confirmed the findings of the original SING survey, and was used by SING to identify four key themes:

Young People; Environment; Community Education & Training; and Village Regeneration.

Working groups, including representatives from local residents, local businesses, the voluntary sector, local authority and other key agencies, were established around these themes to provide SING with a plan of action.

Chronicle of Events: (partners in brackets)

March 1997 - Community Information Shop opened in heart of Seaforth

May 1997 - SING becomes Company Limited by Guarantee

July 1997 - SING acquires Charitable Status

- Regeneration of Bowersdale Park (Bootle Maritime City Challenge and Sefton MBC)

- Regeneration of Stella Precinct Shopping Area (Bootle Maritime City Challenge and proprietor)

- Seaforth Steel Band started (Merseyside ACME)

- Under 11's Drama Group (Bootle Maritime City Challenge and local fundraising)

- Bin Wagon Project

- Youth Worker employed (Bootle Maritime City Challenge)

- Kids Excel (Sefton Health Authority)

July 1999 - Community Information Worker employed (NLCB/Community Fund)

March 2001 - Community Resource Centre opened (Sefton MBC, Merseyside TEC, ERDF Pathways)

In addition, SING has held Fun Days, Children's Xmas Parties, a Local Talent Contest and an Alternative Ascot Ladies' Day.